NFL picks a new editor to build its new site is moving from the old domain to the new, as the league looks to expand its footprint in the U.S. and the world.

The site is currently owned by the NFL, but the league has said it plans to acquire the domain in the near future. is the new name for NFL.COM, and the site will move to the league’s new domain in 2021.

NFL News says that when the new site is up and running, NFL.

Com will be referred to as, with the NFL.

name remaining the same.

The site will be operated by a separate company, called will continue to be an official website and will be hosted on the new site, but NFL.

N.T.O. has been set up to handle all the NFL-related content.NFL News says the new NFL site will include and NFL Network, as well as a brand new section for NFL game previews and pre-game show coverage.

NFL Network will also be revamped to include NFL GameDay coverage and live pregame show, with a new section dedicated to the New England Patriots, New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers.

NFL GamePass, which will allow fans to watch the game live from their mobile devices, will also go live.

The NFL is also set to announce a new digital product in 2021 called NFL.TV, which was announced earlier this year.

It will include live streaming of the NFL Network and NFL game broadcasts, as it already has with NFL Network.

The name of the site is also changing to the NFL domain.

NFL Next will include content that’s similar to the current site, including site-specific content such as game previews, live pre-season shows and the league site. is expected to launch later this year and be hosted at the league-owned domain.NFL Next will also have a new interactive section for the league, called NFL Next TV.

The section will allow people to follow NFL games on the Web, including the New York Jets, Los Angeles Rams and Chicago Bears.NFL Network will continue as a standalone website and the NFL has yet to confirm if it will also become a part of the new domain.

However, NFLNEXT and NFLNOG will be a part and should be available on both sites.

The new site will also allow fans the ability to watch NFL games live and on their mobile device.

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