~~~I’m still working on this~~~A friend of mine asked me recently if I could do something with a video of some kind.  I’ve always had a fondness for video games, but I never really got into the concept of building games.  My love of games started in high school when I was given a copy of a game by my parents, and I was hooked. That was the year of Final Fantasy VI, and that game was the start of my love of video games.  The following year, I got a copy back from my dad, and then I got another one when I started my senior year of college. I started building games at a fairly early age. I was still a kid, but by the time I was in middle school I had already built a couple of games. One of my favorites was the one I built for the NES, which was called The Powerpuff Girls, and it had a cute little character named Powerpuff. The other game I built was called Space Invaders. It was pretty good. So I decided to build a few games that were kind of similar, and they ended up being a lot like my favorite games of all time: Final Fantasy, Space Invaders, and Zelda. My first attempt was in 2000, which I did for the Nintendo GameCube. This game is called Final Fantasy III, and the main character is Princess Bubblegum, and she’s on a quest to save her people from a monster called the Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy III has a story mode called Advent, and when you beat it you get a piece of paper with a letter that says “Phew! That was easy.” When I first played it, I immediately thought, “Wow, this is a great game.” I mean, the main game is basically the same, and there’s nothing new to see here. However, the plot of Final Fuses is pretty interesting, and even though the game doesn’t make any overt references to Final Fantasy in the game, it does a lot to tie it all together. In Advent, you get to play as the main protagonist of a race called the Heroes of Hope. You play as Princess Bubbleglum, who is the leader of this race. As you play the game you are able to create a Hero named Link, who you can play as on the mini-map. Each Hero has a special ability, like the Power Punch that lets you beat up monsters. Then, each Hero also has their own unique ability that you have to use in battle, like a “magic” attack that allows you to create your own magic weapon that can defeat monsters. This is called the Hero’s Power, and you can use it in battle to create powerful attacks that can be used against other Heroes. There’s also a special skill called the Warrior’s Power. If you use it during a battle, it can be upgraded to the ability to hit multiple monsters at once. Once you use your Hero’s power, you can choose to use it on any Hero in your party, or just on a random Hero in the field. When you defeat a Hero, the power meter fills up, and a random hero gets the power. After you have enough power, the game will automatically switch between the Hero you just defeated and the Hero of Hope you defeated. Basically, the whole thing is just a simple, simple platformer game with a little bit of RPG elements. Here’s a video that shows the basic gameplay of the game: Final Fuse My second attempt was on the Nintendo Wii. For this game, I went back to the basics, making the Hero select a random one of the four heroes and then battle them. They can do whatever they want to do in the fight, but if they do something dangerous, the Hero loses some power. And that was pretty much the last game I ever made. But that’s not the end of my adventures with video games! After finishing high school, I started playing a lot more video games in college, and by the end I had gotten to work on a few. While doing this, I also started writing, and this is where the story of this post begins. Every once in a while, I would play a video game and I would be like, “Man, I just wanted to play a game for a while and I’m bored with it, so I decided I’d write about it.” That’s how I got my first ever

on the Internet.

And after that, it just continued.

Since then, I’ve been working on video games for the past several years.

Recently, I made a video about how I made my first video game.

(I’m not going to spoil it for you, but you can watch it if you want.)

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