The new ‘Talon’ project in Detroit is a ‘very, very ambitious’ effort to revitalize a blighted district

Built around the concept of “a Talon”, the $2.8bn (£1.6bn) $3.6 billion (£2.6b) project would include about 3,000 apartments and a new shopping mall.

The $2bn (£2bn) is about half of the total cost of the project, and is expected to generate $20bn in economic growth.

The project is expected be completed by 2023.

It’s one of many projects across the US that have been in the works for years.

The US also has several other planned or under construction projects, including a $3bn (£3.2bn; £2.4bn) development of a new high-rise office building in Detroit.

A $2 billion (£1bn) housing project has been under construction for years in New York, and the city’s mayor has promised to spend $300m on a new community centre for young people.

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