How the Clintons became wealthy while building a $200 million home

Posted by ABC News on Wednesday, August 11, 2017 02:24:33The Clintons are now part of a new class of wealthy Americans who made their fortunes while building their homes, the latest news release from the Federal Election Commission said.

The release from FEC shows that since the end of 2016, Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton earned a combined total of more than $20 million from their homebuilding empire, the largest in American history.

The Clintons earned more than that from their land deals, real estate, and other business ventures.

The Clintons, who have been married for more than three decades, had nearly a quarter of a million square feet of their Brooklyn, New York, home sold in 2017, according to the release.

The home is owned by the former president and first lady, who also owns a business that focuses on land development and agriculture.

The FEC released the release to help explain why the Clintons have become a household name among the nation’s wealthiest families.

The Clinton family started in the mid-1970s, when they were building their first home, the $20,000-plus home in the heart of the Bronx.

Bill Clinton sold the property to his brother, Fred, in 1981 for $10 million.

In 1992, the Clintons sold their home to their third wife, Rose McGowan, for $100 million.

Rose later sold the house to her daughter Chelsea for $1.8 billion.

The family’s latest home is located on the outskirts of New York City.

The New York Daily News described the Clintons’ new home as “a massive brick home built with a big open plan, a lake, and a gated gate.”

“This home is so big and so special,” Bill Clinton told the Daily News in February.

“This is the most beautiful home I have ever lived in.”

The Clintons have made millions from their businesses.

In recent years, the family has been a big buyer of real estate in New York and New Jersey.

Bill Clinton’s company, Burlington College, which was founded in the late 1940s, has sold nearly $40 million worth of homes in the two states.

Bill and Hillary Clinton also own the Clinton Global Initiative, which has raised more than a half billion dollars.

The couple’s home is one of several Trump properties that have been sold.

Trump’s company has sold more than 10,000 homes in New Jersey alone.

Trump has long made the Clintons a household brand.

In his campaign, he said the Clintons are “totally in love with their home,” and said the former first lady “could never do a better job.”

The Clintons have a history of making wealthy friends.

In 1993, the Clinton’s were named “most powerful women in America” by the Forbes magazine, the first of their titles.

In 2000, the then-First Lady Hillary Clinton was named one of the 50 most powerful women on earth by Forbes.

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