New job offers for tech workers and software developers

The number of people in tech who are looking for work has surged since the Brexit vote, according to job listings on the platform.

The data, from the UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS), shows a rise of about 12,000 in tech jobs since March.

The ONS has also said the UK has seen a rise in tech employment, with the average number of jobs in the sector rising by about 9,000 since March to more than 30,000.

The number, however, has fallen in the past year.

“The number of tech jobs in UK rose by a staggering 8.6% between April and June 2016, and has been flat or down in the last year,” the ONS said in a statement.

The IT industry has been a popular sector for companies looking for skilled workers, as it is the most highly paid, but also the most likely to be laid off.

The industry is also the one sector that has suffered from the downturn in the UK economy, which has seen employment fall by more than 20% in the previous year.

Tech unemployment The ONs data also shows a fall in the number of UK jobs advertised on social media, with a slight rise in the figure recorded in March.

“Despite the positive job opportunities, the majority of employers remain concerned about their ability to attract the right talent to fill the skills gaps in the tech sector,” the statement said.

“Employers are also struggling to fill skills gaps, and some are reporting that the lack of available talent has left them unable to fill gaps in demand.”

In response to the increase in vacancies, the ONs said it is working to “enhance” the skills of its workforce.

“We will continue to review recruitment and retention of skilled workers to ensure that the UK remains competitive in the global tech sector and in all areas of the economy,” it said.

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