Ontario builds new homes for disabled people

Built to support the needs of people with disabilities, the Ontario Building Code (OBC) has opened the door to the building of new homes that will accommodate people with a disability.

The codes department says the first of these homes will be built in Toronto.

“We are going to build a new home for people with disability,” said OBC spokesman Steve McPherson.

“This is a project that is not just about adding new units but about the creation of a new community.”

There are lots of opportunities in building and we want to be very careful about the people who are involved.

“The first of the new homes is a one-bedroom unit that will be located in the Toronto suburbs of Oakville, Brampton, North Bay and the Toronto Islands.

It will have a floor space of 10.6 square metres, and it will be attached to a one bedroom.

It is being designed by the architects and will have four bedrooms and two bathrooms.”

The goal is to have a home that is accessible to all families,” said McPheson.

The unit will be affordable, as it will cost about $350,000.”

It’s an opportunity for people who have been denied housing or have been evicted to be able to make their home more affordable,” said Rebecca Loughlin, an advocate with Disability Rights Ontario.”

These are the kind of projects that have been designed for people of colour, people who need extra support in terms of housing and in terms to help them to build self-sufficiency in their lives.

“The government is also looking at expanding the program to include more homes for people living in other communities.

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