Which Indian building will you visit this year?

The US$3.5 billion (US$2.9 billion) Mueller Buildings, a $7.8 billion ($6.3 billion) mixed-use tower and office complex in New Delhi, India, will become India’s tallest building when it opens in 2017.

The building will stand at 11,534 metres (33,542 feet) tall and has a height of 16,547 metres (59,521 feet).

The building is one of three skyscrapers in the world, along with the $7 billion ($7.9 million) Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC and the $16.5bn ($13.6 million) Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Shanghai.

Mural of India flag, MIM leader, is pictured in New Dehli.

(AFP) The building, designed by architect Peter M. Mueller, was completed in 2006.

The Trump International Tower, the tallest building in the US, is on the site of a former US Navy airfield.

It will be the tallest structure in the city of New Delhi when it is completed in 2021.

The other two buildings, Trump Tower and the Trump International Residence, are in the same city.

The first is the tallest residential building in India, the third tallest in Asia, and the fourth tallest building worldwide.

The US government owns the land for the new building and is planning to develop it into a multi-billion dollar hotel and convention centre.

The buildings have been listed on the Indian Stock Exchange and have the potential to become the tallest buildings in the country. 

MIM leaders are not optimistic about the project’s completion because of the high cost of the project and the delays.

They are also not sure how long the new tower will take to construct.

“There is a huge uncertainty and uncertainty about how the new skyscraper will be completed,” said Nilesh Murali, a spokesman for the MIM.

“The US is building a massive $150 billion mega-hotel, but the Indian Government is not ready for it yet.”

The MIM’s leader, Subramanian Swamy, told reporters in New York that the organisation had not received any financial support from the government of India.

“We are not receiving any support from any government of the country yet,” he said. 

The building’s construction is one example of the massive investments being made in India by the US to boost trade and investment ties.

The country is the world’s third-largest exporter of steel, cement and aluminium and has been trying to diversify away from dependence on steel. 

The US has invested more than US$40 billion ($26.3 million) in India since it joined the WTO, and more than $70 billion ($68.7 million) since 2010. 

India is expected to be the biggest customer for US-made goods, according to the US Commerce Department, and US goods are currently the third-most important export for India, after China and the US. 

Trump Tower, an office building, is the second-tallest building in New Zealand.

(Photo: AFP) Mueller’s design will not only be the most expensive building in Asia but it will be built on land that is currently under US control.

“This is an American project,” said Anurag Thakur, managing director of architecture firm Pelli.

“American companies have been very good at acquiring land in India,” he added.

“If you are building an international building, it is not always easy to get land.”

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