Why the #Nocturnes are still the best in the business. #BuiltForTheInternet

Vice News, a digital news organization, is proud to announce that the Nocturna™ team has been awarded the #Karthus™ award for Outstanding Achievement in Software Engineering.

The award was presented by Vice President of Business Development at KTH and Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Nocturna, James A. Knight.

“The award goes to those who have the courage to embrace a new era of Internet computing, one that is built for the future and built to last,” Knight said.

The Nocturnal™ team will be receiving the award from the company’s management team at the beginning of January, Knight added.

Knight was joined by a host of former employees of the company including Senior Vice President for Software Engineering, David R. Schmitt, former Vice President, Operations and General Manager of Software Engineering at NXP Semiconductors, Mark M. Miller, former Chief Engineer and Software Engineer at Dell, and Senior Vice Presidents and Chief Operations and Business Development Officers, Alex P. Chilson, John R. Jost, and Jason D. Molnar.

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