Detroit building inspector’s investigation ends after ‘inconsistent’ timeline of repairs

DETROIT – The Detroit Building Inspector’s Office has concluded its investigation into the delay in repairs to the roof of a Detroit building that has caused a delay in the city’s efforts to build a new streetcar line.

A spokesman for the office said Friday that the inspector’s office found no evidence that the city has improperly delayed or withheld the repair work that is being done on the roof and the city is reviewing the findings.

The inspector’s report says that Detroit’s Building Inspection Department and Detroit’s Department of Engineering and Construction Services have been unable to agree on the exact date of the repairs or the exact locations of the roof, which will be repaired with a combination of paint and fiberglass.

It also found that the roof was in the process of being removed, and that the Department of Buildings and the Department, which manages the city building, have not been able to coordinate their efforts to complete the repairs.

The inspector said that a number of factors, including the weather, the weather service’s work and the size of the work have affected the work, including delays of up to three weeks.

Detroit’s city government has been working to build the streetcar line in a way that will be more environmentally friendly, and is using the city to help finance the project.

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