‘We are not afraid of bears’: New Zealand woman’s rescue story

A woman who had lost her husband and children to a bear attack in New Zealand has been reunited with her beloved family.

Carole Murphy, 57, who lives in the northern town of Kilmore, said she was heartbroken when her husband of 50 years, Paul Murphy, was taken from her arms by a bear while walking his dog in December.

Ms Murphy said she had been out walking her dog when the bear charged her, and tried to grab her by the throat.

“I had to fight it off with my arms,” she said.

“It wasn’t a big fight, but it did hurt, and it was all I could do.”

“I was just so angry and hurt, I just kept on fighting.”

The attack left Ms Murphy with a black eye and a concussion.

She was also bitten on her arm, which was broken and her ear pierced.

The incident happened after Ms Murphy had a drink at the local pub and her husband went out with his friends to go for a walk.

She said she and her friend had been walking when they saw a bear running through the woods in the distance.

Ms Hamilton said the bear had been seen in the area for weeks.

“When we saw the bear, we just said to ourselves, ‘It’s the same bear we’ve been dealing with, this time we’re going to do something about it’,” she said, adding she feared for her life.

“We kept going and we kept walking, and then I saw a man, who I think is a neighbour of mine, on the side of the road, and he said, ‘There’s a bear in the woods’.”

Ms Hamilton ran to help the man, and the bear chased them away.

She has been staying at her brother’s home, but her brother, Peter Hamilton, said he had lost contact with Ms Hamilton after the attack.

“He’s been out of the country a little bit, and has just gone out and found his way back home,” he said.

Mr Hamilton said his brother had been visiting Ms Hamilton and her family for a few days.

“My brother was just trying to do his job,” he told the ABC.

“She’s a lovely lady, a good person.

I just think she just couldn’t do it, it’s just just a shame.”

The woman has been given a temporary accommodation and a trip to New Zealand.

She is being treated in the emergency department at Dunedin Hospital.

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