How to build a body builder woman with a tattoo of Seraphine

An Australian body builder who gained notoriety online after posting an image of herself tattooed with the words ‘body builder’ was recently named by Guinness World Records as the first female body builder.

Nyomi Hossain-Fernandez, 25, was a member of a team from Melbourne’s Southbank area who appeared in the reality TV show Bodybuilder Australia, where they were known for their large breasts.

However, the bodybuilder made headlines in November after she posted an image on her Instagram account of herself with a large tattoo on her upper left arm.

“I had a tattoo on my left arm that said ‘bodybuilder’ tattooed in black,” Ms Hossains-Fernes told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“It was very controversial, I was very upset, and my family and friends were very upset.”

“I didn’t want to be labelled a bodybuilder and was embarrassed.

It was a very hard decision for me.”

In the Instagram post, Ms Hors, whose real name is Nadeem, shared a photo of her tattoo.

“In the photo you can see my tattoo with the word ‘body’ and ‘builder’,” she wrote.

“My family and I had to go through a lot of pain to get this tattoo done, and I would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported me.”

Ms Hossanes-Fensons-FERNES said the tattoo symbolised her belief that she had the right to define herself.

“Bodybuilders are a very big thing in Australia, and it was just a very nice thing for me to do,” she said.

“As a body-builder, you can go to a strip club, a gym and you can do anything.”

If you look at the world, there are a lot more beautiful women that don’t have tattoos.

“In an interview with The Age, Ms Yousaf said she was initially surprised at the success of her bodybuilder alter ego.”

There was a lot going on with my family at the time, my dad was a little bit depressed and was just really, really worried about me,” Ms Youdaf said.

But she quickly discovered she was embraced by her fellow body builders, who began calling her “Sugar”.”

It kind of just got bigger and bigger and I felt like I was in a good place, I feel like I’m in a very good place,” Ms Yeoudaf-Farsi said.

After posting a number of photos of herself in her “Bodybuilder” attire, the tattoo was spotted by members of the body builders Instagram community, and quickly became a trending topic.”

We were all pretty excited about seeing a picture of a body, it was definitely a new look for us, so it was pretty neat,” Ms Nadesf-Fors said.

In the days following Ms Hons first Instagram post Ms Hossss, who has since deleted the images, said the response was “really positive”.”

We’ve seen a lot, and we’re really happy to see that it has gone viral and that it’s not just a one-off,” she told The Age.”

But we’re also happy to have the positive response that it got.

“I’m pretty proud of the girls, and the girls are doing really well.”

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