New apartment building will cater for tech-savvy tenants

An apartment building is being designed by an architecture firm for rent in the heart of London’s tech capital, as developers look to lure young workers.

The new tower, which will be located at 5 Kingsway, is part of a wider scheme to build more office space in the capital.

It will feature more than 200,000 square feet of space, including two floors of office space.

The building, which was designed by the architect John Williams, will be built in collaboration with the company R&B/EDM Studio. 

In the city’s east end, the project will be designed by BAE, which is building the city centre’s first new office tower in over 20 years. 

The building, designed by architectural firm JW Jones, will feature an 11 storeys and a total of 688,000 sq ft of space. 

Its design is inspired by the works of Sir Norman Foster and features a modern approach to its design that will allow the building to accommodate the new tech sector, the developers said. 

“In London’s financial centre, the office sector is expected to account for 15% of our GDP by 2040, up from 9% today,” the developers told TechRadars.

“We believe this project is an important step towards providing a place for talented young people to start their careers in this vibrant city.” 

In other news: This week, Apple announced that it has closed its US retail stores, which were shuttered by the US government earlier this year. 

Apple has said that it is now concentrating on creating a world-class retail store experience for customers in the US, rather than moving its stores from other countries. 

It is also adding 100,000 jobs, with the aim of doubling the workforce by 2020. 

Last month, Apple added 100 jobs to its manufacturing team, in a move which was met with much consternation.

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