Which players are in line to start for Israel?

The league is scheduled to begin next week.

The league will also play a reserve tournament for players who want to play in a league, which will run until January 10.

The reserve tournament is in the midst of playing out.

Players in the league are mostly young players who were part of the squad that defeated Turkey 3-1 on Wednesday in Istanbul.

The players were part the team that played the Netherlands in a friendly at the weekend.

One of the players is a 22-year-old striker from the Israeli league who played for Yom Kippur and the first-team.

The player said he wants to play professionally.

He is now pursuing his studies in Germany.

Another Israeli player, 23-year old forward Yosef Golan, who scored in Israel’s 3-0 win over the Netherlands on Wednesday, is also a striker.

The league will be played at the Kerem Shalom Stadium, which has been renovated since its construction in 2012.

The stadium was built to accommodate international football and will host the Israeli Super League and other sports competitions.

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