What’s going on with the Ontario government’s plan to build a new bridge across Lake Ontario?

The new Lake Ontario bridge is being built by Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, but that hasn’t stopped critics of the project from accusing the government of planning a highway instead.

“We’re talking about the future of the lake, we’re talking to the future in terms of the quality of life for people who live in this community, and we’re also talking about future generations,” said Bob O’Neill, a member of the Lake Ontario Alliance, the umbrella group representing more than 1,200 communities in Ontario.

“So I think it’s important for us to look at this, and the facts show this is a bridge that needs to be built.”

O’Malley said the government will spend $400 million to construct the new bridge, which will be part of a $1.9 billion highway-building program.

The bridge will have to pass through the town of Ouellette, and will be built at an estimated cost of $2.3 billion, he said.

“It will have some really challenging challenges along the way,” he said, adding that he would like to see the bridge built in a way that protects the land and water around the bridge, but he didn’t want to see it built with an oil refinery or natural gas pipeline.

O’Sullivan said he thinks the bridge will make the lake more accessible, but it won’t do it without some kind of infrastructure.

“A lot of the stuff that we’re seeing along the river is because we’ve got some big infrastructure projects that are in the works,” he told CBC News.

“The fact that we have a highway in the middle of a lake is a problem.”

Ouelle, Ont.

— The future of Lake Ontario is a topic that’s on the minds of many in the community of Oullette, a town of 1,900 people just north of the Ottawa-Gatineau border.

Lake Ontario has been home to the Ontario Confederation of Municipalities since 1887.

It’s a lake that’s often referred to as the lake of the people, as opposed to the lake that was originally there, said O’ Sullivan, who said that’s partly because of a few people in the area.

“There’s this perception that we need to keep it that way, that we shouldn’t be able to have different kinds of lakes,” O’Lanney said.

The Ontario government is hoping that a new highway bridge will open up access to Lake Ontario.

Oulle resident, Robert Pascall, said the proposed bridge will help people who drive to the community, but his biggest concern is the environmental impact.

“I’m a lake person, I’m very concerned about what’s going to happen to the environment around the lake,” Pascell said.

Lake Oullet is an area that is home to some of the most pristine water in the world, but the water is contaminated with a variety of pollutants, including metals.

In a statement released Monday, Ontario Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said the province is committed to building a highway across Lake Ouellet, which is located between Lake Superior and the northern shores of Lake Huron.

“This project will provide access to a vibrant, sustainable, and accessible Lake Ontario community and is essential to the long-term health and wellbeing of Lake Oudin, its people and their environment,” the statement said.

Ouellete is home in part to a handful of lakes, including the Lake Huronia, Lake Superior, Lake Hurons, and Lake Erie.

“Our lake is the most beautiful and pristine water on Earth, and it’s just a shame that we’ve allowed this to go through,” Piscall said.

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