When does a team building activity start?

Morton Buildings is the name of a teambuilding activity at the University of Oxford.

It is run by a team of students who work in teams of up to eight.

The team builds a building on the campus and works with the university’s students to design, build and complete the project.

Morton buildings is part of the team building programme, which has been running since 2013.

Students work with other students and partners to design and build the building.

A team of 16 students, working with university partners, designs the building, which will then be handed off to a builder to complete.

After completing the work, the students are awarded a project management grant, which allows them to fund further work on the project and take on further roles on the team.

There are also other student-led projects which are part of Morton buildings.

They include:Building a classroom to teach students about building and building materials.

Building a space to promote the use of building materials on campus.

Building community spaces, which are open to students and their families.

Building an interactive space to teach about the use and use of social media.

Students have to complete four projects per week to be eligible for the teambuilding activities. 

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact the University’s team building team on 0207 456 6055 or on social media at @Oxford_Uni, using #OxfordUni.

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