What’s on tap at Pokémon Go developer Niantic’s Pokémon Go team building exercise

In a new video, Niantics team builder and cofounder Ashish Kumar demonstrates how he builds and tests Pokémon Go teams in the virtual world.

It shows the first Pokémon Go prototype in action, and then shows how the Pokémon Go design team uses that prototype to build a new one.

The video is part of a series of “Build Your Team” videos that Nianti is doing for players.

In the first video, the team builder demonstrates a team consisting of only three people, including the CEO.

The team consists of two programmers, a game designer, and two testers, who are all in a virtual reality environment.

The first person to click on a Pokémon icon in the team name appears to be a trainer.

As the video shows, the trainer is using a controller to summon a Pokémon, and the team leader can then use the controller to move and control the Pokémon’s movements.

When the Pokémon is at the Pokémon League HQ, the user is also able to control the player’s Pokémon.

Kumar shows the Pokémon Trainer and Pokémon League staff, including a staff member who wears a headset and has the ability to control all Pokémon in the game.

The second video shows the team in a much smaller room, where Kumar shows how each of the five members works with the team to build and test the prototype.

Kumar says the team is working on an entire team, not just the developer, so it’s not clear exactly how many people the team actually has, or what their roles are.

In addition to the team building video, Kumar also shared a new prototype that he built using the Nintendo 3DS camera.

He shows the prototype with a controller, as well as the Pokémon Snap feature, a feature that lets players capture and share their Pokémon Snap with other people.

The prototype also shows how to add a second player to the game, who can interact with the camera and Pokémon Snap.

Niantim has also released new Pokémon Go screenshots, showing a different Pokémon-themed version of the game than what the company released earlier this year.

This is the “new” version of Pokémon Go, which is available for Android and iOS devices.

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