Why is there an “Ekko” build for the Overwatch beta?

By Alex DobuzinskisNBC News”Ekos” is a character from Overwatch, but not one we’ve seen in a game before.

It’s a character that has been used by Blizzard Games in its previous games, like Diablo III, Hearthstone, and StarCraft.

It is also a name used in the Overwatch franchise by players in-game, including the game’s voice actor.

The character is called “EKos” by Blizzard fans, and he appears in Overwatch’s beta and live-streamed content.

But the character’s voice actress, Kerri Walsh, said he is a “very different character.”

According to her, he is an “evil and very dangerous character,” and it’s a “terrible feeling to know that this character is being used as a weapon in the game.”

“I feel like the story is going to come to a very sad end, I think,” Walsh told NBC News, “and that’s really unfortunate.”

Walsh’s comment comes after Blizzard announced it was removing the character from the beta in an attempt to make sure the game was more accurate to what it was supposed to be.

Walsh said she and the Overwatch team “had an extremely hard time trying to make a story fit” the character, who is “very, very different from anyone we’ve played before.”

“There’s no question that the characters are being used in an unfair way,” Walsh said.

“And I don’t want to see that happen again.”

Worries about the character could be part of why he has been so hard to track down, Walsh said, but Blizzard has “done a good job of doing a good, detailed job of communicating with us” about him.

Wyatt said Blizzard has taken the character off of the beta because it “didn’t feel right to us” to keep the character in the beta, even after the developer announced that it would be “re-using” the voice actor in Overwatch.

“The characters are there to be used, but that doesn’t mean that they’re there for nothing,” she said.

“We just felt that if they were going to be using the character for something, we needed to make it clear that that wasn’t going to happen again and that we would never use them again.”

There have been numerous other problems with the character that Blizzard said it would fix with the beta.

But they have not addressed any of those issues.

W Walsh said she has not spoken to the developer about the issue with her character, but she believes Blizzard is “going to fix it.”

“If you’re going to do something like that, you’re never going to get a response,” she told NBC.

“I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

We have to hope that Blizzard does fix it, but I don, too.”

Blizzard Games confirmed to NBC News that it has removed the character.

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