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A recent report by The Next World found that some of the world’s most valuable buildings are built using steel and other materials.

The report found that in the United States, the value of steel in commercial buildings was $1.7 trillion, while in China, it was just $600 billion.

The value of aluminum in residential buildings was also in the $1 trillion range.

The next big report comes from a group of Swiss engineers called the Swiss Steel Industry Association, which conducted a study into the costs of building steel buildings in Switzerland.

According to the report, which was published on Wednesday, the costs associated with building steel in Switzerland totaled about $1,000 per square foot.

That’s about the same as the cost of a new home in the US, or the cost for a single person to purchase a home in Germany.

This means that if you have a $2,000 home, you’d be looking at about $800 in additional costs per square feet of building a new one.

The cost of building in Switzerland is also significantly lower than the cost in China because the country has a much lower cost of production than the United Kingdom.

The cost of steel construction in Switzerland, on the other hand, is higher than in China.

The researchers also looked at the cost per square meter of the building materials used.

The Swiss steel industry has a relatively low cost of material extraction.

For example, it costs $1 per cubic meter of iron ore, which is less than that of coal.

The costs of using concrete in a steel building, however, are much higher.

The Swiss Steel Association, in a statement, called the cost comparison with China “unfair and unfair,” and called on the Swiss government to follow the example of its neighbor to reduce the costs.

The report is part of a larger global study into building materials and the cost associated with constructing them.

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