The World’s Biggest Crypto Fund: Jayce build

The world’s biggest cryptocurrency fund is growing at an unsustainable pace, despite all of the hype surrounding it.

The fund, known as the Jayce Fund, is an online investment fund founded in 2014 by Jayce and his brother, Jee, and now boasts more than $300 million under management.

The Jayce funds are investing in more than 3,000 digital assets and have over $2.5 billion in assets under management, according to CoinDesk.

The firm was founded by JayCE, who is now based in the United Kingdom.

The funds’ goal is to be the largest and most diverse fund in the world, with a focus on the digital currency space, according the website.

Jayce is also working to build a blockchain technology platform, which is currently in development, according CoinDesk, which will allow investors to invest in new cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects.

Investors have to invest an average of $100,000 each in the fund.

The new platform, dubbed The Blockchain Capital Group, aims to be a hub for new digital asset offerings, with investors receiving monthly reports on the progress of new projects and the investments made by investors.

In addition to investing in digital assets, investors can buy other digital assets from The Blockchain.

It’s unclear how long The Blockchain will be operational, however, because it has not yet been publicly listed on the SEC’s website.

The news comes amid rising concerns about digital currency and blockchain tech.

Last week, the SEC ruled that digital currency platforms that are not registered with the agency may not be regulated.

In the past, the agency has not been shy in cracking down on crypto and blockchain startups.

Last month, the company shut down after a judge ruled that it was not complying with the law.

The SEC also announced plans to close down a startup called Coinapult that was attempting to establish an independent trading platform.

However, the move has led to renewed calls for regulators to crack down on digital currency.

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