Google destroys its rammus build

Google is now saying it will be making the latest version of the rammus desktop environment free of charge.

The news comes on the heels of the company announcing that it will end its support for the Windows 10 operating system, which was originally released to all users in July 2017.

“We will continue to provide a free and open source version of rammus for those who choose to make the upgrade,” a spokesperson for the search giant said in a statement.

“We also expect that the upgrade to rammus 11.2.0 will be available for purchase as an optional update for existing and new users.”

Google said that it was “shocked” to learn of the decision.

“Google has always strived to be open and transparent about the software we release to the public, and today we are confirming this decision,” the spokesperson said.

“This is not a change in policy, and we expect to continue to work with partners to ensure that everyone has a good experience when they upgrade to our free version.”

In a separate statement, Google said it was also removing support for Windows 10 from the Windows Update website.

“While we will continue supporting the Windows operating system for free on our Google Play services, we will no longer be able to update the Windows update site for the operating system and apps on Google Play,” Google said. 

Rammus was originally designed as a mobile app launcher. 

It was released as a free download to users of Windows 10 in 2017 and has been in production since then.

It was one of Google’s first mobile apps, a Chrome-based version of a popular email app called Zapier.

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