Katarina Builds AMUMU Build on AMUMu Build – Twitch stream

Build of AMUMUs new AMUM unit in Twitch stream is the first of the AMUMs new AMU build which includes support for the new SteamVR features as well as more hardware. 

“The AMU builds are coming to the SteamVR in the coming weeks, with support for Oculus Rift and Vive.

I would love to see people play these with their friends, and have them share their experiences on our Twitch stream.

I also want to see the AMU units become the go-to for new and old players alike,” said Alexey Amumov, President of Katarinas AMUM and the AMumu Team. 

The SteamVR support is one of the key features which have been missing from AMUM units, so many players have been left wondering what will happen when the Steam VR SDK and hardware become available. 

In addition to the AMu builds, the team is working on support for a more robust AMU console. 

Currently, AMUM is the only AMUM console with support on Windows 10, but Alexey believes this will change in the near future. 

For now, we will be supporting SteamVR only on Windows, so expect to see this change in future updates.

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