How to use a poppy in your bramble building

Bramble trees are great for keeping soil cool and moist, but if you don’t want to deal with water or pests, you can use a seed or a berry plant.

Here’s how to plant a brambled tree.1.

Choose a good size tree2.

Choose the right seed3.

Choose how much the tree will grow4.

Buy the right seeds and cut it to the right size5.

Plant it3.

Buy a bantam tree, a type of berry tree, that is taller than the rest of the tree6.

Plant a seed in the seed pod and cut the pod into a square7.

Remove the seed and plant the seed in its own pod8.

Fill in the rest and plant9.

Cut the tree back to the seedpod and plant in the pod10.

Put the pod in a shallow well and let it ferment11.

Put in a drainage ditch12.

Plant the seed pods into the drainage ditch13.

Repeat with the rest14.

Let it ferment and when it is done, drain off the moisture in the ditch15.

Let the tree ferment for another three to five years until it becomes firm, but keep in mind that you may need to remove it to cool the soil.16.

Let cool down a bit and transplant into the soil17.

Use the seeds from the bantam trees to grow more trees18.

Put them back in the soil19.

Repeat until the whole brambles are mature20.

Cut back the roots to remove all the soil21.

Use some soil as mulch22.

Fill up the brambling with soil from the tree and let that become the base of the new tree.23.

Add a couple of inches of water from a stream to help keep the tree alive24.

Grow a few trees25.

Add some water from the river26.

Plant some flowers27.

Let grow for several years28.

Enjoy your new tree!

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