What you need to know about the new $8.5bn ‘super bowl’ hotel and casino in Dublin

The new “super bowl” hotel and Casino is set to be the biggest casino ever built in Ireland and will be the largest in the world.

The $8bn “Super Bowl City” is being built on a 1,000 acre site in a suburb of Dublin.

Construction is due to begin in January.

“The ‘Super Bowl’ is a new mega-casino with an incredible scope and scale and will provide the most exclusive entertainment and social experience for our nation’s residents and visitors,” said Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny.

The hotel will feature a total of six floors of entertainment, restaurants, bars and lounges.

It is set for an opening in 2019.

It will also have an extensive swimming pool, an indoor gym, fitness centre, theatre, cinema and bowling alley.

Construction of the casino is set against a backdrop of a historic street of the same name which once served as the headquarters of the British military during the second world war.

The area, now a park, was a British military base during the war.

In November 2014, the Irish government awarded the contract for the casino to the property developer Ballymacross, a subsidiary of Irish conglomerate Finlay.

Bally Macross has an exclusive agreement with the Government for the construction of a $10bn casino on the site.

The project was approved in October 2014.

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