What’s going on with Nami?

Built by Nintendo, Nami is a “mobile first” gaming console that is aimed at gamers looking to get more hands-on time with their gaming devices.

It’s expected to launch in 2017.

As it stands right now, Naminas console is the first console in a series of mobile-first consoles, which are essentially mobile-powered gaming machines.

That’s because, while smartphones and tablets have traditionally been the primary gaming devices, consoles are still generally focused on PCs.

That makes Nami a unique and interesting console, as it combines mobile gaming with traditional games like games for iOS and Android.

It may be the first platform to offer an all-in-one console, but it won’t be the last.

Nami’s predecessor, the Nami DS, was released in 2014, a year after the Nintendo 3DS was released.

The Nintendo 3ds and DS family of consoles have become iconic in the video game industry, with the DS line bringing the series to the forefront with the release of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, which featured the return of Samus Aran.

It was an epic, long-awaited game that launched a franchise, set the bar for the rest of the series, and established Nintendo as a leader in the handheld market.

Nami, however, will be remembered primarily for its early 2015 launch, and for its rocky launch.

Despite being launched on a date of January 21, 2015, the launch of Nami was delayed twice: the first time by four weeks and the second by seven days.

Naminis launch wasn’t particularly smooth either, with numerous issues including the fact that it didn’t work on iOS devices and Android devices.

That led to complaints from consumers that Nintendo had taken away their right to play and buy games.

While the Naminos initial release was a major disappointment for Nintendo fans, it did sell well.

It did well enough that the company decided to delay Nami’s release to June, making it available for a wider release that July.

Nintendo announced a second, even bigger launch in November, bringing the total of Naminoses games to 15.

It had also been widely speculated that the console would be discontinued by that point.

However, Nintendo did announce that it would be bringing Nami back in 2017, with an all new launch.

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